Should end-to-end encryption be forced to have backdoors?

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Topic: law
Owner: Ibrahim
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Created on Sun 12 Apr 2020 2:07 AM

When persons A and B communicate with each other using a messaging service, a central server acts as an intermediary between them. Therefore, person A's message goes from their device to the central server to person B's device.

With end-to-end encryption, the message can be encrypted while it is transferred from person A to B so that it is unreadable by the server. Some people propose banning end-to-end encryption.

Check out the EARN IT Act.

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Because it's virtually unbreakable, terrorists and criminals can use it to lower their chances of getting caught.

Ibrahim - Sun 12 Apr 2020 2:12 AM - Approved Save - Report

The government itself can decide to use the backdoors to spy on its citizens. It is also possible for malicious government employees or hackers to use the keys for their own purposes.

Ibrahim - Sun 12 Apr 2020 2:20 AM - Approved Save - Report