Traditional debates don't work.

If they did, people generally wouldn't disagree on politics, religion, history, morality, science. Ritser changes that by encouraging users to think differently and giving them the tools to do so.

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Magnifying Glass


Edits are publicly visible, and our ordering algorithm is listed on our rules page. We don't use unethical practices such as censorship to manipulate you. Instead, we change minds by exposing you to all viewpoints.



Our moderators mark arguments that aren't backed up by reliable evidence. Of course, this doesn't mean you shouldn't still check sources yourself, but this improves the quality of content on our site. We don't like fake news.



Beyond harmful content found in our rules, we do not censor what our users post. We believe the solution to solving serious issues like racism is to promote free and open discussion that educates our users and lets them choose what to believe in an informed manner rather than to promote censorship as a tool to fight wrong ideas.